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28 Wacky Uses for
Johnson’s® Baby Powder

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  1. Give a rejuvenating massage. Johnson’s Baby Powder doubles as massage oil, lubricating the skin without the greasy mess of oil.
  2. Soothe hemorrhoids. After toweling yourself dry from a shower or finishing with a bowel movement, gently powder your bum with baby powder. This will help reduce friction during the day, preventing further irritation.
  3. Prevent wild birds from excreting on patio furniture or fence posts. Sprinkle Johnson’s Baby Powder wherever the birds perch. Birds dislike the way baby powder feels on their feet and will find other places to roost.
  4. Kill fleas on a dog or cat. Cover your dog or cat with Johnson’s Baby Powder, working the powder deep into his coat and skin, avoiding the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Start at the head so fleas flee towards the back of your pet. The talcum powder smothers and desiccates the fleas. Veterinarians frequently recommend this technique for puppies or kittens that are too young to be treated with flea powders containing insecticide.
  5. Soften rough hands. Apply Johnson’s Baby Powder as you would hand lotion.
  6. Store a plastic or vinyl tablecoth. Before folding up a plastic or vinyl tablecloth to store on a shelf, sprinkle the tablecloth with a small amount of Johnson’s Baby Powder. The baby powder absorbs moisture and prevents the tablecloth from sticking together or getting mildew.
  7. Clean a fleece-lined jacket. Dust the fleece with Johnson’s Baby Powder and let sit overnight. The next morning, brush out the powder. The baby powder absorbs grease and grime, and leaves the fleece smelling baby soft.
  8. Rescue the damp, moldy pages of a book. Sprinkle Johnson’s Baby Powder on the affected ages, close the book, and let sit for a week. Then brush clean. The baby powder absorbs the moisture, killing the mold, which brushes off easily.
  9. Remove excess shoe polish after polishing white shoes. Sprinkle some Johnson’s Baby Powder on the shoes and buff with a soft, clean cloth. The baby powder absorbs the surplus polish.
  10. Eliminate squeaks in floorboards. Sprinkle Johnson’s Baby Powder into the cracks between the floorboards.
  11. Clean a grease stain from leather. Cover the stain with Johnson’s Baby Powder, rub the powder into the stain, and brush clean.
  12. Relieve itching inside a cast. Sprinkle some Johnson’s Baby Powder inside the cast, and then use a blow dryer set on low to gently blow the powder deep down inside the cast.
  13. Prevent friction burns when shaving your legs with an electric razor. Dust legs lightly with Johnson’s Baby Powder before shaving.

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