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28 Wacky Uses for Reynolds Wrap®

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  1. Remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers. Rub the bumper with a crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap dipped in Coca-Cola.
  2. Keep dogs and cats off furniture. Place pieces of Reynolds Wrap on the furniture. The sound of rustling foil frightens pets.
  3. Clean pots and pans when camping. A crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wraps makes an excellent pot scrubber.
  4. Fix battery-operated toys or appliances. If the batteries in a Walkman or a toy are loose as the result of a broken spring, wedge a small piece of Reynolds Wrap between the battery and the spring.
  5. Prolong the shelf life of celery for weeks. Wrap the celery stalk in Reynolds Wrap when storing it in the refrigerator.
  6. Speed up your ironing. Place a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover to reflect the heat from the iron.
  7. Increase the natural light for houseplants during the winter month. Wrap a sturdy piece of cardboard with Reynolds Wrap. Position the homemade mirror behind the plant, facing the window. The aluminum foil will reflect the sunlight, causing the plant to grow more evenly.
  8. Make decorative trays or holiday decorations. Cut cardboard into desired shape and size and cover with Reynolds Wrap.
  9. Catch messy oven drips. Tear off a sheet of Reynolds Wrap a few inches larger than baking pan. Place foil on the oven rack below the food being baked. (To prevent damage to the oven, do not use foil to line the bottom of the oven.)
  10. Avoid dying your eyeglasses with hair dye. When dying your hair, wrap the ear pieces of your eyeglasses in Reynolds Wrap to avoid dying them.
  11. Clean soap scum off chrome faucets. Crumple a sheet of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil into a ball and use it as scrubber.
  12. Scrub and mold, mildew, or bird droppings from a birdbath. Crumple up a sheet of Reynolds Wrap into a ball and use it as an abrasive, disposable scrubber.
  13. Keep the tops of brownies moist. The moment you remove the pan from the oven, cover it with a sheet of Reynolds Wrap. The aluminum foil keeps the steam inside, which moistens the brownies.
  14. Reduce static cling in your dryer. Crumple up a ball of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, and place it in the dyer with the clothes.
  15. Frighten wild birds away from your vegetable garden. Run a string across your garden just a few inches above a row of plants. Using a pair of scissors, cut a dozen or more strips of Reynolds Wrap one-inch wide by five-inches long. Use Scotch Tape to attach the strips of aluminum foil along the string of string every few feet. The strips of reflective foil flapping in the breeze will scare away any birds.

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