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17 Wacky Uses for Krazy® Glue

    Krazy surgery
  1. Seal a minor cut. Simply apply some Krazy Glue along the laceration. The active ingredient in Krazy Glue is Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, virtually the same active ingredient contained in Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage, an instant glue used to seal lacerations.
  2. Lessen the pain of minor skin fissures and paper cuts. Apply Krazy Glue to the thin cracks in the skin and let dry to relieve the pain. The Krazy Glue deprives the nerve endings of air. Krazy Glue contains nearly the identical ingredients as Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage, an instant glue used to seal lacerations.
  3. Repair a broken fingernail. Use a small drop of Krazy Glue to secure the nail in place, then coat with nail polish.
  4. Balance a wobbly or vibrating ceiling fan. Balance the blades by using Scotch Tape to attach coins as weights to the tops of the unbalanced blades. Once you’ve balanced the blades, glue the coins in place with Krazy Glue.
  5. Fix leaks in a garden hose. Apply Krazy Glue to seal the hole or leaky valve stems.
  6. Reattach the sole of a sneaker. If the rubber sole of your sneaker is beginning to flap loose, reattach the sole with Krazy Glue.
  7. Prevent buttons from falling off a shirt. Put a drop of Krazy Glue on the threads in the center of each button. This prevents the thread from coming loose and stops the buttons from falling off.
  8. Repair broken ceramic dishware, porcelain figurines, children’s toys, or wooden picture frames. Use a small drop of Krazy Glue and hold in place.
  9. Fix a small puncture in a bicycle tire. Remove the inner tube from the tire and locate the hole. Insert the tip of the Krazy Glue applicator into the opening, squeeze out a little glue, remove the applicator, and pinch the rubber together for two minutes. Put the tire back together and inflate.
  10. Remove ticks from inside the ear of a horse. Put a drop of Krazy Glue on a broom straw, apply it to the tick, and pull it right out.
  11. Prevent calluses from spliting open. Guitar players on tour use Krazy Glue to hold split calluses on their fingers together.
  12. Lift fingerprints from a crime scene. Law Enforcement officers use Krazy Glue to raise latent fingerprints from any item. The item is placed inside a closed area, such as a fish tank, with the Krazy Glue. To accelerate the process, the glue can be placed in a small tin dish on a heating tray. Within minutes the prints appear.
  13. Reattach a broken heel or loose tassels. Use a few drops of Krazy Glue and hold in place until secure.
  14. Fix leaks in air mattresses or air pillows. Apply Krazy Glue to seal the hole or leaky valve stems.
  15. Prevent bra pads from slipping. Use Krazy Glue to attach Velcro to the inside cups of the bra and the outside of the pads.
  16. Fix a flat tire. To temporarily patch a small hole in a flat tire, cover the puncture with Krazy Glue and let dry.
  17. Reattach a capped tooth. During her highly publicized disappearance for four days in 1996, actress Margot Kidder, who starred as Lois Lane in Superman movies, lived inside a cardboard box with a homeless person in downtown Los Angeles while suffering a manic-depressive episode. According to People magazine, “Kidder had lost some caps on her front teeth that sometimes fell out and which she cemented back in place with Krazy Glue. ‘When you’re having a manic episode,’ she says, ‘you don’t always remember to pack the Krazy Glue.’”
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