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21 Wacky Uses for Forster® Toothpicks

forster iron
  1. Clean the steam holes on a clothes iron. Insert a Forster Toothpick into each steam hole on the bottom of a cool, unplugged iron, and twist to remove any gunk.
  2. Apply glue. Dip one end of a Forster Toothpick into the glue to apply small drops.
  3. Improvise a bookmark. Keep your place with a Forster Toothpick.
  4. Plug small nail or thumbtack holes in wood. Dip the end of a Forster Toothpick in glue, insert into the hole, slice flush with a single-edge razor blade, sand smooth, and refinish the wood.
  5. Decorate cake frosting with ease. Use a Forster Toothpick to draw your design on the cake, then squeeze the frosting over your lines.
  6. Paint small crevices or repair scratches in furniture. Dip a Forster Toothpick in paint to retouch fine scratches or reach small nooks and crannies.
  7. Root a potato or avocado. Securely insert four Forster Toothpicks equidistantly around the equator of the potato or avocado. (You can use a nail to punch starter holes in the avocado.) Fill a glass with water, set the potato or avocado in the glass so the toothpicks allow only the bottom half of the potato or avocado to sit in the water. Place the glass on a window ledge to get sunlight. When roots and shoots appear, pot the plant in soil.
  8. Repair broken eyeglasses temporarily. If you lose a screw from your eyeglasses, substitute a Forster Toothpick in its place until you can get it fixed properly.
  9. Mark the starting point of a roll of masking tape or packaging tape. Stick a Forster Toothpick under the lose end of the tape so you can find it easily the next time you use the tape.
  10. Clean tight crevices. To clean tight crevices on the outside of a blender, coffeemaker, or food processor, dip a Forster Toothpick in alcohol to work along the tight spaces.
  11. Make a garlic clove easy to handle. Stick a Forster Toothpick into a clove of garlic before tossing it into a marinade, so you can remove it easily.
  12. Unclog a showerhead. Unblock the mineral deposits from the clogged holes with a Forster Toothpick.
  13. Give a broken plant stem first aid. Make a splint with a Forster Toothpick and Scotch Tape.
  14. Identify rare, medium, and well-done steaks on your barbecue grill. Use colored Forster Toothpicks to mark steaks on the barbecue.
  15. Replace a ceramic tile. To make sure a new, replaced tile is squarely aligned, use four round Forster Toothpicks as spacers to hold the tile in place.
  16. Cook sausages with ease. Use two Forster Toothpicks to skewer two or three sausages together to make them easier to turn and brown evenly.
  17. Tighten a loose screw. Insert a Forster Toothpick into the screw hole, break it off at the surface, and rescrew the screw.
  18. Push fabrics through the pressure foot of a sewing machine. Use a Forster Toothpick to free fabric that gets stuck under the pressure foot.
  19. Determine whether a cake is baked. Insert a Forster Toothpick in the center of the cake and remove. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready.
  20. Clean a dog brush. Run a Forster Toothpick through the rows of bristles.
  21. Repair a pinhole in a garden hose temporarily. Insert a Forster Toothpick into the hole, snap it off flush with the hose's outer skin, then wrap Scotch Packaging Tape around the spot. The wood toothpick will absorb water, swelling to seal the hole.
Copyright © 1995- Joey Green. "Forster" is a registered trademark of Diamond Brands Inc.
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