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16 Wacky Uses for
Barbasol® Shaving Cream

  1. Remove spots from rugs or carpets. Squirt Barbasol shaving cream on stain, scrub, and wash with water.
  2. Clean upholstery. Apply Barbasol shaving cream sparingly to stain and rub gently with a damp cloth.
  3. Make finger paint. Let children paint with Barbasol shaving cream on a kitchen table or vinyl tablecloth. For color, sprinkle powdered tempera paint or add a drop of food coloring.
  4. Clean grease from hands. Rubbing Barbasol shaving cream between your hands will dissolve grime without water. Keep a can of it at the work bench.
  5. Remove latex paint from hands. The emollients and moisturizers in Barbasol shaving cream ease latex paint from skin.
  6. Keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up. Spread Barbasol shaving cream on and wipe off. Can last two to three weeks.
  7. Prevent eyeglases from fogging up. Rubbing a small dab of Barbasol Shaving Cream over both sides of the lenses prevents them from fogging up.
  8. Lubricate squeaky hinges. Spray the joint with Barbasol shaving cream.
  9. Clean patio furniture. Spray Barbasol shaving cream on plastic patio furniture and scrub with a brush, wet rag, or sponge. Kids especially love to lather up the patio table with shaving cream. Then simply hose down the children and the furniture.
  10. Break in a baseball glove. Rub the center of the glove with Barbasol shaving cream, place a baseball in the glove, fold the mitt around it, and secure with rubber bands. Tuck the glove under a mattress overnight.
  11. Make pots and pans easy to clean. Before placing pots or pans on a barbecue grill, coat the bottom of the cookware with Barbasol shaving cream. When you finish grilling, the black soot will wash off the bottom of the pot and pans with ease.
  12. Heal a cold sore. Rub a dab of Barbasol shaving cream into the cold sore. The emollients in the shaving cream hasten healing.
  13. Mousse your hair. A small dab of Barbasol shaving cream combed through your hair will it in place. If you use a blow dryer with shaving cream in your hair, you can make your hair stand up on end.
  14. Remove jellyfish tentacles from skin. If you have difficulty removing jellyfish tentacles from your skin, apply a dab of Barbasol shaving cream, then scrape out the tentacles.
  15. Clean a countertop with ease. Spray some Barbasol shaving cream on a dirty countertop, let your kids or grandchildren have fun rubbing it around on the countertop (doing the work for you), and then rinse clean and wipe with a soft cloth. The condensed soap cleans grease and grime.
  16. Prevent ski goggles from fogging up. Spray with Barbasol shaving cream, then wipe clean.
Copyright © 1995- Joey Green. "Barbasol" is a registered trademark of Perio, Inc.
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