Wacky Uses for
Star® Olive Oil

  1. Shave. If you run out of shaving cream, slather on Star Olive Oil.
  2. Slow a dog from shedding. Pour one tablespoon Star Olive Oil on your dog's food while a dog is shedding.
  3. Clean pearls. Rub a dab of Star Olive Oil over pearls, cleaning each pearl individually. Wipe dry with a chamois cloth.
  4. Polish lacquered metal. Use a few drops of Star Olive Oil on a soft cloth.
  5. Relieve a cough. Mix three to four tablespoons lemon juice, one cup honey, and one-half cup Star Olive Oil. Heat for five minutes. Then stir vigorously for two minutes. Take one teaspoon every two hours.
  6. Soothe frostbite. Warm some Star Olive Oil and gently dab on frostbitten skin.
  7. Relieve a scalded throat. Take two teaspoons Star Olive Oil to soothe and coat the throat.
  8. Rejuvenate dry skin. Lubricate with Star Olive Oil.
  9. Condition your hair. Warm up Star Olive Oil, massage it into your hair and scalp, wrap your head in a towel, and sit under a dryer. Later, shampoo as usual.
  10. Relieve jellyfish or man-of-war stings. Apply Star Olive Oil for immediate relief, then seek medical attention.
  11. Soothe an earache. Warm and insert a few drops of Star Olive Oil into the affected ear, plug with cotton, and apply a hot water bottle.
  12. Relieve bursitis. Heat Star Olive Oil and massage into the shoulder or upper arm daily.
  13. Rejuvenate a palm or fern plant. Add two tablespoons Star Olive Oil at the root of the plant once a month.
  14. Relieve constipation. Take one to three tablespoons Star Olive Oil as a mild laxative.
Copyright © 1995-2017 Joey Green. "Star" is a registered trademark of Star Fine Foods.
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