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Wacky Uses for
Silly Putty®

  • Align and test CAT scanners. Silly Putty’s specific gravity is similar to human flesh.
  • Clean ink and ribbon fiber from typewriter keys. Roll Silly Putty into a ball and press into the typewriter keys.
  • Collect cat fur and lint. Flatten Silly Putty into a pancake and pat the surface.
  • Lift dirt from car seats. Mold Silly Putty into whatever shape best fits into crevices.
  • Strengthen hands and forearm muscles. Squeeze Silly Putty for ten minutes every day in each hand.
  • Fix a wobbly table. Place a piece of Silly Putty under a leg.
  • Stop a small machine part from rattling. Wrap Silly Putty as a buffer between two pieces of rattling metal.
  • Calm your nerves. Playing with Silly Putty has therapeutic value in reducing emotional pressure and calming nerves.

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