Wacky Uses for

  1. Lighten coffee. Use a tablespoon of Reddi-wip as a substitute for milk or cream in a cup of coffee.
  2. Shave. Apply Reddi-wip to wet skin as a substitute for shaving cream.
  3. Condition your hair. Apply one-half cup Reddi-wip to dry hair once a week as a conditioner. Leave on for thirty minutes, then rinse a few times before shampooing thoroughly.
  4. Make a sour cream substitute. Mix three or four drops of lemon juice with one cup Reddi-wip and let sit for thirty minutes.
  5. Give yourself a moisturizing facial. Reddi-wip helps moisten dry skin when applied as a face mask. Wait twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water followed by cold water.
  6. Soothe the burn on the roof of your mouth from hot pizza. Fill your mouth with Reddi-wip to coat the lesion.
  7. Remove make-up. Wet face with lukewarm water, spread a handful of Reddi-wip on face, rinse clean with lukewarm water, and blot dry.
  8. Improve marital relations. Give new meaning to the phrase “dessert topping.”
Copyright © 1995-2017 Joey Green. “Reddi-wip” is a registered trademark of Con Agra Brands Inc.
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