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Wacky Uses for
Maxwell House® Coffee

  • Dye fabric brown inexpensively. Soak the fabric in a bucket of strong black Maxwell House Coffee. This technique is also a good way to cover up an unremovable coffee stain on a white table cloth.
  • Fertilize a garden or houseplants. Work Maxwell House Coffee grounds into the topsoil.
  • Repair scratched woodwork. Mix a teaspoon instant Maxwell House Coffee with two teaspoons water. Apply to the scratch with a cotton ball.
  • Start a charcoal fire. Remove the top and bottom of an empty Maxwell House Coffee can and punch a few holes in the sides of the can. Stand the can in your barbecue grill, fill it with charcoal briquets, add lighter fluid, and light. When the coals glow, remove the hot can with tongs and set in a safe place.
  • Prevent dampness in closets. Fill an empty Maxwell House Coffee can with Kingsford Charcoal Briquets, punch holes in the plastic cover, and set on the floor in the back of the closet.
  • Repel ants. Sprinkle dried Maxwell House Coffee grounds outside doors and cracks. Coffee deters ants.
  • Relieve a hangover. Drink a couple of cups of Maxwell House Coffee. Coffee acts as a vasoconstrictor, reducing the swelling of blood vessels that causes headache.
  • Spread grass seed or fertilizer. Punch holes in the bottom of an empty can of Maxwell House Coffee, fill with grass seed or fertilizer, cover with the plastic lid, and shake the can as you walk through your garden.
  • Transport live fishing bait. Keep worms in a Maxwell House Coffee can filled with moist coffee grounds.
  • Keep toilet paper waterproof while camping. Carry a roll of toilet paper inside an empty Maxwell House Coffee can.
  • Protect baby tomato plants. Remove the top and bottom from Maxwell House Coffee cans, place a can over each plant, and step on the can toset firmly in the soil. Remove cans when plants are a few weeks old.
  • Grow better melons. Raise melons off the ground by resting them on top of upside-down empty Maxwell House Coffee cans pushed into the soil. The metal cans accumulate heat, making the fruit ripen earlier and repelling insects.
  • Keep paintbrush bristles from bending while soaking in solvent. Put solvent in an empty Maxwell House Coffee can, cut an X in the plastic lid, and push the brush handle up through the slit so the brush hangs in the can rather than resting on its bristles.
  • Highlight brown or red hair. Rinse your hair with Maxwell House Coffee for a rich and shiny color.
  • Deodorize the refrigerator and freezer. Place a bowl filled with Maxwell House Coffee grounds on the back shelf.
  • Patch woodwork. Mix dry instant Maxwell House Coffee with spackling paste until you achieve the desired brown tone, fill the crack or hole, and smooth with a damp cloth.
  • Clean a restaurant grill. Pour left-over brewed Maxwell House Coffee over a hot or cold grill and wipe clean.
  • Wrap cookies and candies. Cover an empty Maxwell House Coffee can with wrapping paper, fill with cookies or candy, cover with the plastic lid, then wrap.
  • Cover spots on black suede. Sponge on a little black Maxwell House Coffee.
  • Make emergency lights. Wrap reflector tape around a couple of empty Maxwell House Coffee cans and store in the trunk of your car for emergencies.
  • Make stilts. String rope through holes punched in the closed ends of two empty Maxwell House Coffee cans.
  • Store nails, screws, bolts, and washers. Maxwell House Coffee cans make perfect storage containers.
  • Improvise a Jell-O mold. Use an empty Maxwell House Coffee can.
  • Store cat box filler in the trunk of your car for emergencies. Cat box filler, stored in empty Maxwell House Coffee cans, can be used for traction under the wheels of a car stuck in snow or ice.
  • Flavor spaghetti. Add one-quarter to one-half teaspoon of instant Maxwell House Coffee to spaghetti sauce. Coffee gives store-bought spaghetti sauce brown coloring and a less acidic flavor.

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