22 Wacky Uses for
Jell-O® Gelatin

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  1. Recooperate from a bout of diarrhea. When you’re ready to start eating again, begin with clear, soft foods like Jell-O to give your bowels a rest until your symptoms improve.
  2. Strengthen fingernails. Mix any flavor of Jell-O powder with enough water to make a paste. Using a Q-Tips Cotton Swab, paint the mixture on your fingernails. The gelatin in the Jell-O fortifies the nails, helping them grow longer and stronger. The darker colored flavors of Jell-O will also color your nails and give them a pleasant fruit-flavored scent.
  3. Deodorize smelly feet. Soaking your feet in ready-made Jell-O for twenty minutes deodorizes smelly feet. Jell-O comes in a wide variety of flavors, giving you a nice selection of fruit scents. Now they’ll come running to kiss your feet.
  4. Dye your hair temporarily. Make a thick paste with any flavor Jell-O powder and water. Apply the paste to your hair, let dry, and then rinse. The coloring will last through a few shampoos.
  5. Stop a nosebleed. Place one tablespoon of any flavor Jell-O powder on the tongue, press the Jell-O against the roof of the mouth, letting it slowly dissolve. The gelatin stops the nosebleed by clotting the wound.
  6. Fight off fungal diseases from houseplants. Add one teaspoon powdered Jell-O (any flavor) into the soil of diseased houseplants and cover with a light coat of soil. The gelatin helps the plants retain water, the nitrogen in Jell-O enhances plant growth, and the sugar feeds the microbes in the soil, producing more nutrients for the plant.
  7. Prevent your underarms from perspiring. Mix up a box of your favorite flavor Jell-O with two cups of warm water, fill a trigger spray bottle with the gelatin solution, and mist your underarms with it. Like an antiperspirant, the gel plugs up the sweat glands.
  8. Unclog a drain. Vinegar dissolves most clogs, but, unfortunately, if you pour vinegar down a clogged drain, the acetic acid will seep down your pipes before it gets a chance to eat away the clog. Instead, dissolve one small package of Jell-O in one cup boiling water. Let cool. In a measuring cup, mix 1.5 ounces of Heinz White Vinegar with 6.5 ounces of water. Add the vinegar mixture to the Jell-O mixture. Let gel in refrigerator until almost set, but liquid enough to flow slowly. Pour down the drain. Let sit overnight. The Jell-O will clog up the pipes, giving the acetic acid in the vinegar a chance to eat away the clog. Then flush the drain with water to wash away the Jell-O.
  9. Fertilize plants. To give plants additional nitrogen, mix an envelope of powdered Jell-O into one cup of boiling water, stir until the gelatin powder dissolves, mix with three cups of cold water, then apply around the base of the plant. Or boost liquid fertilizer by adding one teaspoon powdered Jell-O (any flavor) to one gallon of liquid fertilizer or compost tea. Mix well and use immediately (to avoid coagulation) by pouring directly on the soil.
  10. Add fruit flavor to angel food cake. Substitute one packet of your favorite flavor Jell-O for the same amount of sugar in the recipe.
  11. Reduce arthritis pain. Eat one serving of Jell-O brand gelatin every day. The amino acids purportedly stimulate production of collagen and provide nutritional support for cartilage structure, lessening pain. You should start noticing a significant improvement after three months.

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