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20 Wacky Uses for
Glad® Trash Bags

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  • Make a ground cloth for camping trips. Place your sleeping bag on top of several Glad Trash Bags to keep out moisture.
  • Hold bath toys. Punch holes in a Glad Trash Bag and hang it on the shower nozzle to hold bath toys.
  • Improvise a plastic sheet. Cut a Glad Trash Bag down the sides and place it under the sheets.
  • Make streamers. Cut a Glad Trash Bag into strips, starting from the open end and stopping two inches before you reach the bottom.
  • Waterproof a backpack. Cover the backpack with a Glad Trash Bag and cut small slits in a the bag for the straps of the backpack.
  • Collect aluminum cans for recycling. Hang a Glad Trash Bag on the inside of a kitchen cabinet, closet, or pantry door.
  • Make a shop apron. Cut open the bottom of Glad Trash Bag, put it over your head, and slip your arms through the handles.
  • Improvise a windbreaker. Cut holes in a Glad Trash Bag for your head and arms and wear it under your coat.
  • Store your winter clothes. Fill a Glad Trash Bag with your sweaters, add a few mothballs, and seal with a twist tie.
  • Make a scarecrow. Cut a Glad Trash Bag into long strips, staple to the lip of a Dixie Cup, and then nail the cup to a tree or a pole in your garden. The plastic strips blowing in the wind will scare birds away.

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