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Wacky Uses for
Glad® Flexible Straws

  • Unclog a freshly opened ketchup bottle. Insert a Glad Flexible Straw all the way into the bottle to add air and start the ketchup flowing.
  • Blow bubbles. Diagonally cut the end of a Glad Flexible Straw, dip into bubble soap, and blow.
  • Prevent strings on pull toys from getting tangled. Run the string through one or more Glad Flexible Straws and knot it at the end.
  • Extend the spout of an oil can. Put a Glad Flexible Straw over the end of the spout of an oil can to reach tight spots.
  • Prevent tangles in fine chain jewelry. Run the chain through a length of Glad Flexible Straw and fasten the catch.
  • String plastic straw necklaces. Instead of using macaroni, let the kids cut up Glad Flexible Straws and run a string of yarn through them to make necklaces.
  • Elongate flower stems that are too short for a vase. Insert the flower stem into a Glad Flexible Straw cut to whatever length you need.
  • Make croquet wickets visible on the lawn. Run the wickets through Glad Flexible Straws before sticking them in the ground.
  • Improvise an eyedropper. Insert a Glad Flexible Straw into the liquid, cover the open end of the straw with your finger, and lift. The liquid will stay in the straw until you release your finger.
  • Mark a stitch when knitting. Cut a one-eighth inch length from a Glad Flexible Straw and use as a ring to mark a stitch on needles up to size ten.

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