Wacky Uses for

  1. Keep ski goggles from fogging up. Spray the inside of the lens with Endust, then wipe clean.
  2. Polish leather shoes. Spray Endust on shoes and shine with a cloth.
  3. Oil a squeaky door. Lubricate the hinges with Endust.
  4. Prevent stains on kitchen drain boards. Coat rubber drain board trays with a light coat of Endust.
  5. Sweep up dust and dirt with ease. Spray the bristles of your broom or mop with Endust before sweeping.
  6. Prevent water spots and soap scum on shower walls and doors. Coat the tile walls with Endust and wipe clean.
  7. Make cleaning grease splatters on the wall behind the stove easier. Spray the clean, painted wall behind your stove with a generous coat of Endust and buff well. Future grease spatters can be wiped away with a dry sheet of Bounty Paper Towel.
  8. Revitalize dull candles. Spray Endust on a cloth and wipe the candles thoroughly.
  9. Clean brass. Use very fine steel wool sprayed with Endust.
Copyright © 1995-2018 Joey Green. "Endust' is a registered trademark of the Sara Lee Corporation.
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