Wacky Uses for
Crayola® Chalk

  1. Prevent an ant invasion. Draw a line of Crayola Chalk around windows and doors outside your Wacky Uses, and around water pipes inside your Wacky Uses. Ants will not cross a chalk line.
  2. Clean ring-around-the-collar. Mark the stain heavily with white Crayola Chalk. The chalk will absorb the sebum oil that holds in the dirt.
  3. Prevent silverware from tarnishing. Place a piece of Crayola Chalk in your silver chest to absorb moisture.
  4. Cover spots on white suede. Rub with Crayola chalk.
  5. Prevent tools from rusting. Place a few pieces of Crayola Chalk in your toolbox to absorb moisture.
  6. Prevent dampness in a closet. Tie together a handful of Crayola Chalk and hang the bundle from the clothes rod to absorb moisture.
  7. Prevent a screwdriver from slipping. Rub Crayola Chalk on the tip.
  8. Polish marble and metal. Pulverize a few sticks of Crayola Chalk with a mortar and pestle until it is a fine powder. Dip a soft cloth in the powder, wipe the marble or metal, then rinse with clear water, and dry thoroughly.
  9. Fill a hole in a plaster wall. Insert a piece of Crayola Chalk into the hole, cut it off even with the wall, then plaster.
  10. Repel slugs. Slugs will not cross a chalk line.
  11. Remove grease. Rub Crayola Chalk on a grease spot on clothing or table linens, let it absorb the oil, then brush off. Launder as usual.
  12. Draw on sidewalks. Create games, maps, and adventures.
  13. Prevent costume jewelry from tarnishing. Place a piece of Crayola Chalk in your jewelry box.
Copyright © 1995-2018 Joey Green. "Crayola" is a registered trademark of Binney & Smith Inc.
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