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Wacky Uses for
Cool Whip®

  • Shine your shoes. Use a tablespoon of Cool Whip on your leather shoes, and shine.
  • Soothe sunburn pain. Spread Cool Whip on the sunburn, let sit for twenty minutes, then rinse clean with lukewarm water.
  • Thaw frozen fish. Place the frozen fish in a pan and cover with Cool Whip. The desert topping eliminates the frozen taste, returning the fresh-caught flavor.
  • Condition your hair. Apply one-half cup Cool Whip to dry hair once a week as a conditioner. Leave on for thirty minutes, then rinse a few times before shampooing thoroughly.
  • Soothe the burn on the roof of your mouth from hot pizza. Fill your mouth with Cool Whip to coat the lesion.
  • Clean plant leaves. Using a soft cloth, wipe Cool Whip on each leaf.
  • Give yourself a moisturizing facial. Cool Whip helps moisten dry skin when applied as a face mask. Wait twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water, followed by cold water.
  • Lighten coffee. Use a tablespoon of Cool Whip as a substitute for milk or cream in a cup of coffee.
  • Help heal a cold sore. Place a compress of Cool Whip on the cold sore to speed healing, then rinse with cool water.
  • Remove make-up. Wet face with lukewarm water, spread a handful of Cool Whip on face, rinse clean with lukewarm water, and blot dry.
  • Clean silver. Mix two cups Cool Whip, and one tablespoon Heinz White Vinegar or ReaLemon lemon juice. Let silver stand overnight in mixture, then rinse clean and dry thoroughly.
  • Treat minor burns. Rub Cool Whip into the burn. Let it set for fifteen minutes, then wash off with cool water.
  • Shave. Apply Cool Whip to wet skin as a substitute for shaving cream.
  • Store leftovers. Use empty Cool Whip containers as a substitute for Tupperware.
  • Mix paints. Use empty Cool Whip containers to mix and store paints.
  • Store game pieces. Never lose dice, cards, playing pieces, and small toys again.
  • Store crayons. Keep crayons in an empty Cool Whip container.
  • Store screws, nuts, and bolts. Use empty Cool Whip canisters in the workshop to hold loose screws, bolts, nuts, nails, drill bits, and spare parts.
  • Store crafts. Organize ribbons, beads, glues, strings in empty Cool Whip containers.
  • Improve marital relations. Give new meaning to the phrase "dessert topping."

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