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  • Get your whites whiter than white. Mix one-half cup Cascade, one-half cup Clorox, and one gallon hot water in a plastic bucket. Soak clothing in this mixture overnight, dump the solution and clothes into the washing machine, and wash as usual. Add one-half cup Heinz White Vinegar to the rinse water.
  • Remove coffee and tea stains from glass cookware. Soak the glassware in a solution of two tablespoons Cascade to two quarts warm water.
  • Clean a thermos bottle. Fill the bottle with two tablespoons Cascade and hot water. Let sit for thirty minutes, then swish clean with a bottle brush and rinse thoroughly.
  • Prewash stains on clothes. Wet the fabric, and sprinkle Cascade on the stain. Scrub gently with an old toothbrush, rinse, and run through the regular wash cycle.
  • Clean dirt, grease, and grime from walls, glass, porcelain, wooden furniture, and the outsides of appliances. Dissolve one-quarter cup Cascade in one gallon of very hot water. Scrub, then wipe clean with a dry cloth. Cascade is spot-resistant and contains water-softening agents, so everything gets shiny clean without rinsing.
  • Whiten white polyester. Mix one cup Cascade and one gallon warm water in a plastic bucket. Soak the clothes in this mixture overnight, then run them through the washing machine. Cascade removes the gray due to detergent residue build-up on white polyester.
  • Clean a vase. Place one teaspoon Cascade in a dirty glass vase, fill with water, and let sit overnight. The next morning, simply rinse clean.
  • Clean bathtub rings. Sprinkle Cascade on a wet sponge and scrub.
  • Clean cooked-on oil from a popcorn popper or baked-on food from a pot or pan. Mix a heaping tablespoon of Cascade with hot water, put it in the popper (pot or pan), and let soak overnight.

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