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"I spray my arms with Pam Cooking Spray before I paint a room. When I'm done painting, I wipe the splattered paint from my arms and hands. Clean-up is a breeze."
—Jim K.
Richmond, Virginia

"Use Gillette Foamy shaving cream to entertain your children in the bathtub. They can draw on the walls with it, and it will wash right off with water."
—Susan J.
Chicago, Illinois

"Put Huggies Pull-Ups Diapers on the bottom of leaky plants to catch the water. Cover the unsightly diaper with a larger pot."
—Connie R.
Binghamton, New York

"I use Windex for all my cleaning needs. I spilled cherry Kool-Aid on my white rug and Windex cleaned it right out without leaving a stain."
—Brittany H.
Flagstaff, Arizona

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